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Megaposters Terminal 1 - Network

Product number: NW-208-001

Mega-media: Megaposters.

  • On the façade of the Sheraton Hotel.
  • Two large-scale formats side by side.
  • A total of 170 m² of advertising space.
  • Visible from the departures level of the Terminal 1 approach road.
  • Great reach from the approach level: around 14 million passengers a year, most of them departing, as well as meeters & greeters.

(exemplary campaign pictures)

Exclusive Network (2 Faces)
Outdoor area
Departing passengers, meeters & greeters
Number of customers per medium: 1
Minimum booking period: 1 month
Format: portrait

Net price plus VAT
plus production costs

Please don´t hesitate to contact us
for any further information …

Direct contact

Stephan Sutor

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André Kreimer

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Habib Ferogh

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